BOOM: Trump-Backed Kelly Tshibaka Projected To Beat RINO Incumbent Lisa Murkowski In Alaska Senate Race

Legacy RINO Lisa Murkowski, whose father Frank was also a U.S. Senator as well as former governor, could soon find herself out of office after twenty years of expanding government with her neocon/RINO friends.

This is about nineteen years and 364 days too late, but it’s a welcome possibility given that Murkowski is a holdover of the destructive legacy of Big Government Republicans. Adding insult to injury, she even voted to impeach Donald Trump during his waning tenure. As Fox News noted that Murkowski – a nominal Republican – has a voting record that puts her further left of Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia.

Murkowski’s legacy will include being remembered as a perennial swing vote in the upper chamber and second-most liberal “Republican” since her appointment in 2002. The people of Alaska, as all of us do, deserve better

To that end, Fox News is reporting that Murkowski could soon find herself out of a cushy taxpayer-funded job.

Incumbent Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski is in danger of losing the seat she has held for two decades to a challenger from her own party backed by former President Trump.

A Republican has roughly a 99% chance to win next month’s Alaska senate election, with Republican challenger Kelly C. Tshibaka considered mostly likely to emerge with the victory at 53%, according to election forecaster FiveThirtyEight.

Tshibaka, a Trump-backed Republican challenger who previously served as a commissioner of the Alaska Department of Administration, is currently locked in a tight battle with Murkowski after the incumbent senator generated controversy by supporting the impeachment of former President Trump.

Making Tshibaka’s ascension to the Senate more difficult is Alaska’s ranked-choice voting system. Whereas most states have the simplified process of voting for just one candidate and counting up tallies, the 49th state allows voters to rank their preferred candidates in order, with eventual losers being dropped and a citizen’s second choice gaining their vote. Fox describes it in the following way:

Alaska’s 2022 race is unique thanks to a 2020 ballot measure in which voters approved ranked-choice voting in the state’s elections, meaning both Tshibaka and Murkowski will appear on the ballot despite being members of the same party. The two emerged as the top two candidates in the state’s nonpartisan blanket primary in August, and will face off with Democratic candidate Patricia Chesbro in November’s general election.

In a poll conducted fifty days out of the state election earlier in September, results suggested Tshibaka would win in both the first and second ballot count, by margins of 7.9 and 9.3 percent, but lose a third ballot count by .2 percent. 

In most polls, the Democrat challenger Pat Chesbro barely scratches the surface. With a Republican victory all but guaranteed in Alaska, the final outcome will be determined by how much the Murkowski is able to garner support from Democrats. Given her track record in the Senate, that shouldn’t be too difficult to do. Still, Tshibaka is running on serious momentum and the tide is definitely turning for MAGA candidates.

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