Chris Pratt Smokes Wokesters, Defies Lefty Critics With Sizzling Streaming Number for the Terminal List; Then Trolls Them for Good Measure!

By now most everyone knows who Chris Pratt is. He is a Christian, an accomplished actor, and the only real reason left to ever go see a Jurassic Park or Marvel movie. As the rest of the entertainment industry cancels anyone with even the slightest differing opinion, Pratt continues to thumb his nose, do his own thing, and dare the critics to try!

And try they do! Most everything with Pratts name attached to it the last couple years has been canned by the critics. Funny thing is, his work is universally LOVED by audiences. So, what’s the disconnect? The disconnect is, the industry hates him, just like they hate us. However, we love him and his work so much that they have no choice but to tolerate him. At the end of the day, it STILL is all about money, especially to rich shareholders and corporate executives at these movie studios.

Pratt’s newest show streaming on Netflix is called The Terminal List. It is a decidedly pro-American, woke free experience. The kind you almost can’t find anymore. Accordingly, the critics spat on it while audiences can’t get enough. Check this out.Pratt shared a link to a Daily Mail report comparing “The Terminal List” to “Yellowstone,” which is another critically panned drama that audiences love to watch. The title of the article reads, “The new Yellowstone: Chris Pratt’s new Navy thriller The Terminal List defies woke critics’ scathing reviews to shoot up ratings chart with 1.6 BILLION minutes of streams.” 

That’s some pretty rarified air, especially in the age of streaming when there are so many choices and so little attention span. Yellowstone is the wildly successful Kevin Costner show following a family of Montana ranchers as they push back on environmentalists and Native Americans demanding their land back. It also lacks overt woke themes and virtue signaling, and the audience reaction reflects that.

Pratt may be a super nice, Christian guy but he also hears the noise and takes particular pleasure in proving the critics and industry wrong.

[The] actor posted the article to his Instagram stories over the weekend, followed by a photo of Dr. Evil from the “Austin Powers” franchise with the caption, “One point six BILLLLLLLLLION minutes,” reiterating just how popular the project is with fans.”

Not only was Pratt touting his show’s success, but he was also more than happy to rub it in all the haters’ noses. Nice!

The Terminal List has a 90/100 score on the user end of Rotten Tomatoes, yet just a 40/100 rating amongst “critics”. This isn’t really surprising, since Rotten Tomatoes was conceived to give the actual movie-going public a voice as to what is good and bad instead of relying entirely on critics that often have less than honest intentions behind critically destroying a movie. In short, the days of “Siskel and Ebert” are over. If you read a review from a critic these days, it’s safe to assume you will probably like whatever they hate, and vice-versa. Check out some of these glowing audience reviews from Rotten Tomatoes users.

“As a veteran I appreciate their efforts to make this as realistic as possible,” one Rotten Tomatoes reviewer wrote. Several other reviewers said the show depicted the military as it really was rather than the typical Hollywood version.

“An awesome show, Chris Pratt is fantastic, as a non-right winger this show is for everyone,” another agreed.

“It’s a universal truth of Rotten Tomatoes, if the ‘critics’ hate it… and the audience loves it (over 95% positive) then it is a GUARANTEED hit. That’s the case here… this show was excellent! One of the few new shows that I had to binge because you wanted to know what happened next!” someone else shared.

“Great tv series! Awesome to see a modern production showing real men and some traditional values – loyalty, courage, duty, family, overcoming hardship. Hope studios take note of what the public really want, in total opposition to the critics, who are mainly elitist ideologues,” one reviewer shared.

The proof is in the pudding might be an old saying, but it usually rings true. If the majority of the viewing audience likes something and the critics don’t, good chance the critics are wrong. Take the time to see for yourself (I did), and you will see that once again the critics are griding an axe and not being honest with their opinions. Chris Pratt ain’t having any of that, either.

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