LOL: Nasty Nancy Gets Mercilessly Mocked after Making Ridiculous Biden Claim [VIDEO]

Nasty Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and wife of a guy known for suspicious stock trades and his recent DUI in Napa Valley, just went out on a limb while trying to defend Biden during an MSNBC interview, saying that Biden has “done a spectacular job” and has “had a better two years than most presidents.”

Yes, she really said that. In her words, when speaking to MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell:

“Yes, we need generational change. Of course we do. But in some cases, there’s no substitute for experience, and I think that what we had been through with the legislation under the leadership of President Biden, who has done a spectacular job – he’s had a better two years than most presidents that you can name, certainly in the recent generations.”

Watch that here:

Perhaps with that bit about “generational experience” she was just attempting do defend and justify her own sticking around despite looking like a mummy, but, still, it was an absurd claim. There might have been one or two bright spots for Democrats in Biden’s presidency so far, but from any metric, it’s been a disaster.

There was the humiliating rout from Afghanistan. Then the inflation crisis began in earnest and prices have been ticking up since, hitting the wallets of struggling Americans hard. Putin invaded Ukraine under Biden’s watch and Xi looks posed to fling his armies and missiles across the Taiwan Straight at the first opportunity.

Gas prices have been bouncing around but, with OPEC+ announcing a large cut to how much is pumped, it looks like we’re in for another round of major pain at the pump. Meanwhile, crime has ravaged America’s cities and the political situation has gotten tenser than it has been in decades as the FBI raids Biden’s political enemies.

Oh, and, for the Democrats, the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision was a huge loss, as was it’s anti-gun control ruling.

Not all of those things are Biden’s fault, of course. But they have happened under his presidency and so he’ll be blamed and, in any case, it would be absurd to say that his two years have been “spectacular.”

But, of course, that’s exactly what Nasty Nancy said. And so the internet mercilessly mocked her. Here are some of my favorite comments from Twitter (note: as always, these comments should not be taken as statements of truth or assertions of fact from this site, but rather just a reflection of what people are saying about the topic at hand):

That’s why we’re all struggling to buy groceries and gas. That’s all we spend our money on and it’s tight just doing that

Considering what IQ45 left him, he’s done far better than expected.

Joe has had a better first two years then only ONE President…that would be William Henry Harrison, because he died 31 days after the inauguration

She is just saying this bc she can’t name any other presidents

This is why Democrats will lose many seats in November. People are getting tired of these lies especially when it’s hitting their wallets and they see first hand what is really going on in this country.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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