BOOM: Fox News DESTROYS Competition with “Gutfeld” Trouncing All Late Night TV, Setting Historic Record

Fox News has seen a precipitous rise recently, picking up the pieces after the 2020 situation and coming back strong, with personalities like Jesse Watters, Tucker Carlson, and Greg Gutfeld reaching millions of viewers a week and significantly affecting public discourse while mercilessly mocking the left.

And of those, though Tucker is perhaps the favorite on the very online right thanks to his venturing into esoteric health topics like red light therapy and eating raw eggs to build muscle, Gutfeld is the favorite among the general public.

In fact, he’s now not only beating the friendly competition at Fox News Channel or the not so friendly competition coming from the leftie news networks, but is also skewering the late night shows of other broadcast networks. Such is what Forbes recently reported, saying:

Something’s happening in late night. On Tuesday night, Fox News Channel’s Gutfeld! delivered a total audience of 2.5 million viewers, a staggering audience for a late-night show on cable, and the second biggest night in the history of Greg Gutfeld’s politics-and-comedy program.

With 2.494 million total viewers and 396,000 viewers in the key demographic group of adults 25-54, Gutfeld! beat not just everything else on cable, but the high-profile broadcast networks’ late night shows as well. CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was a close second with 2.1 million viewers and 375,000 viewers in the key demo, followed by NBC’s The Tonight Show (1.289 million viewers and 318,000 in the demo), and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live (1.285 million total viewers and 287,000 viewers in the key demo).

Compared to the late night shows on cable news, Gutfeld! was even more dominant, with MSNBC’s The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle coming closest, delivering a total audience of 953,000 viewers and 94,000 viewers in the key demo. On CNN, CNN Tonight drew just 412,000 total viewers overall, but did better in the demo, beating MSNBC with 101,000 viewers. Comedy Central’s The Daily Show had a total audience of 443,000 viewers and 182,000 viewers in the key demo.

So Gutfeld is setting record and taking names. He has a highly popular show that’s both making history for Fox News Channel and utterly demolishing the fragmented leftie competition.

Tom O’Connor, the Gutfeld executive producer, thought the reason for the show’s success was easily explainable: it’s not only full of the guests and hosts people love, but also is a bit more relaxed than other shows. In his words:

Part of the reason for that is the audience has really connected with some of the new guests we’ve introduced them to, but also they’ve gotten to see some FNC stars let their hair down for an hour.

And that’s just Gutfeld’s success. Other shows on Fox News Channel are doing well as well, with Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Jesse Watters also drawing in millions upon millions of viewers each week.

So as CNN has to start handing out pink slips, its right-leaning competitor, Fox News Channel, is setting records and making history in not just cable, but broadcast news. Now let’s see Gutfeld get to 3 million!

Watch some Gutfeld here:

By: Gen Z Conservative

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